Below are answers to some or the most frequently asked questions about our retail Cannabis store.

I’m planning on coming in from the Olympic Peninsula and I hate to make the trip if there won’t be any product left. Is there any way I can call ahead to check?

We keep our phone message updated if we have product, you can call anytime: 206-682-1332 And we keep our “menu” updated on Leafly.com with the specific strains and products: http://www.leafly.com/dispensary-info/cannabis-city/menu

What kind of strains will you have available for purchase on friday??

We will have several stains of Indica dominant hybrids from 9 point growth industries on Friday http://www.ninepointgrowthindustries.com/

Am I able to come to your store and purchase THC oil refills for my vape pen?

We will have pre-filled vape pen cartridges from RIF sometime in the next few weeks. Due to a sudden rule change with WSCLB they are not able to provide us product for 8/2/14 as was planned. http://riflife.com/

Can I as an overseas visitor buy from your shop?

Yes! You just need to bring in your Passport; not simply a country ID or an international driver’s license, but your actual Passport.