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Archive for January 2018

Cannabis City | Northwest Chronic

Cannabis City | Northwest Chronicle

We asked James Lathrop, founder and owner of Cannabis City, Seattle’s first pot shop, about his business. Here is what he had to say:

Q: When did you open your retail store?

A: I founded Cannabis City in November 2014 and put in an application for a Seattle License (which was awarded by lottery). The interesting thing is, that back then, the LCB required you to already have a location before putting in an application, and there was certainly no guarantee that a license would be awarded.

After the lottery, I was able to calculate the odds of winning. There were 440 applications for the initially 21 Seattle positions; giving a Seattle Lottery winner about 5 percent chance of winning. As soon as I received notice in May 2015 that I was awarded a Seattle license I tore into my buildout spending every day, 12 hours or more, in build out and re-model with the intention to be the first store opening in the city, or even in the state.

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Republican states make the case against trump’s drug policy.

The Trump administration’s get-tough drug enforcement policy aims to set the tone for the rest of country by projecting a distaste for leniency and an embrace of mandatory minimum prison sentences.

But that outlook is becoming more passé by the day — even by the standards of the president’s own party.

A bipartisan movement to scale back drug laws, gaining momentum for a decade, has spread to some of the country’s most conservative regions. Of the more than 20 states that have softened their treatment of low-level, nonviolent drug offenders since 2007, half have Republican governors and Republican-led legislatures. Among those deep-red states, many — including Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Iowa and Mississippi — have shrunk prison populations while cutting crime.

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Wildflower Venspark-Pearl 2O



Also commonly referred to as cannabis oil, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and Phoenix Tears, whole plant, activated cannabis oil, like WSO Indica Cannabis Oil by Waterstone, can be administered either orally or topically.

Sweet Nirvana

Sweet Nirvana creates the freshest and best tasting cannabis products on the market. Our edibles are handmade with care and use only the finest ingredients to ensure you receive consistent, safe, and tasty treats every time.


We set out to be a socially conscious cannabis company from the very beginning. After figuring out our logo, box design, and what our brand meant to us, it was important to focus on the packaging. It needed to be compostable, recyclable, and non-wasteful, while being unique, efficient, and something we would be proud to see in our retail partners stores.


We are a tier 3 Cannabis production facility in Eastern Washington. We provide flower, edibles, and oil to licensed retailers across Washington State.

Mt Baker Growers

With a focus on combining a micro brew-style, with strain-specific hash extractions and beautiful flowers, Mount Baker Home Grown has established a reputation for being the leader in high-quality cannabis products. Its signature “farm-to-table” technique, whereby all aspects of growth, harvest, extraction and processing of cannabinoids are carefully controlled and monitored to ensure premium-grade, organic purity and quality of product, enables Mount Baker Home Grown to achieve a standard of excellence, and a great experience for our customers.

Liberty Reach

BMF was grown out of the mission to promote freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness, much like the founders of this great country forged the United States Declaration of Independence. Our Nation was founded on these principles as is BMF.