(206) 420-4206
Open Everyday 8am-11pm
Cash and Debit, ATM also available

2733 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

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“The first and the best. It’s a little cramped in there (I hope they move into a larger space soon) but that makes it cozy and lively. There’s a happy kind of busy mood in there. It’s a popular place even if it’s out of the way. Easy to get to, and great prices and selection. You can get here if you take the Metro light rail southbound in the downtown tunnel (any station Westlake and beyond), get off at SODO station, go one block west on Lander and half a block south on 4th, and it’s on the west side of the street Also, the #21 Metro bus comes through this intersection and lets off across the street.
– Andrew

“My neighborhood shop- thankful it’s close, clean, and convenient. Always swinging through here with great deals and quality cannabis. Nice staff and awesome management. This shop is ran well and they just had an upgrade in the layout of the shop which makes the floor flow better. Check it out next time you’re in SODO.
– Ryley M.

“Great store – super friendly, helpful and not sure what folks are buying that they think is expensive because the prices seem lower than many other shops. Also, vets and seniors (over 50) get a discount.
– Jeffrey R.

“Great floor staff, especially Pam. Thanks for sharing the BHO vs. CO2 knowledge.
– Delicious H

“I was in your store 2 weeks ago as a “newbie” and had NO idea where to even start. The girl that helped me Kayna (or Keyna) is seriously amazing!!! She was so excited to help. She spent a good 30 minutes answering all my questions and going over all my options. I got some Trainwreck for day use and 9lb Hammer for nighttime. I am so happy I came in! I have LOVED Trainwreck and have no idea why I was ever so scared of weed. I can’t wait to come back and tell her how thankful I am someone was so eager to help, and calm my “newbie” nerves. There was also a blond guy (I never got his name) who was working the counter with her and was also super helpful, answering all my questions and also engaging with me to help me understand the difference between all strains. You guys rock! You have a committed customer!!!!!
– Christina M.

“I have been back multiple times now and the service has been great each time. I do not believe that the girl who gave me bad service is there anymore. Such a convenient location and right off of the light rail SODO stop. I guess you can call me a regular now.
– Essence M.